We invest in the teams and technologies creating the future of eCommerce.

We are growth equity investors who are focused on adding value in the eCommerce ecosystem. We provide our portfolio companies and management teams with value-add support designed to scale them through the growth stage and into maturity.

Tools. Technology. Platforms.

Within eCommerce, we have a keen eye for the picks and shovels businesses of the online rush—startups providing the tools and infrastructure necessary to support online sellers and buyers.

Meet Our Portfolio Companies


“The Flowspace platform processed 10 times as many orders in 2020 as it did in 2019. We already operate one of the nation’s largest networks of warehouses, where software is used to facilitate shipping logistics for DTC orders.”

– Ben Eachus, Founder & CEO

  • Logistics technology platform transforming the ecommerce supply chain, giving any brand or retailer the ability to store, fulfill, and ship their products via a network of warehouses across the U.S.
  • Macro tailwinds as increased eCommerce adoption accelerates demand.

“80 Acres Farms use 97% less water than traditional farming practices and are powered by renewable energy. Our model is based heavily on proprietary technologies, robotics and advanced data analytics.”

– Tisha Livingston, Co-Founder

  • Tech-assisted indoor growing and multi-farm operator.
  • Superior tech, leveraging unique partnerships and patented, in-house operating system, robotics, data science and advanced algorithms.

“With our foundation [of talent] now in place, we are poised to be a leading provider of local less-than-truckload, drayage and white glove services in freight markets throughout the United States and beyond.”

– Richard Gerstein, CEO

  • Automated digital freight marketplaces for short distances and short haul.
  • Asset-light business model with strong growth story and opportunity for geographical expansion and margin improvements.