eGateway is solely focused on the eCommerce ecosystem.  We are a team of growth equity investors and M&A advisors with decades of combined experience and excellence in the critical aspects of the change in consumer purchasing.

We examine changes underway and look ahead for new trends as we prepare businesses for transactions and position our clients for success.

Growth Equity Investors

With our extensive network of industry advisors and strategic/financial buyers in the eCommerce sector, eGateway is investing in high-growth technologies and data-driven platforms that are meeting needs across the eCommerce value chain.

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M&A Advisory Services

Leveraging our 20+ years of operational and transaction experience, we help you maximize your value and achieve your goals by preparing you for, and guiding you through, the transaction.

We examine trends in the eCommerce industry in order to carefully guide businesses through the buying and selling process.

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“With any gold rush comes the hunt for picks and shovels. And coffee and whiskey.”


Our focus is 100% on the eCommerce value chain. 

The 20/21 COVID pandemic has accelerated transitions underway, and only increased the number of compelling opportunities.

We have a keen eye for the picks and shovels businesses of the online rush—startups with exciting solutions for the tools and infrastructure necessary to best support the next wave of online sellers and buyers.


We amplify and advise growth potential.

To founders and CEOs of scaling companies and to venture capital firms, we bring our operating expertise, an active network of differentiated relationships, and a commitment to partnership.

To those in the process of buying/selling, we work with you to maximize value, leveraging our extensive operational and transaction expertise to guide you through the process.

And to businesses in the value chain, our partnership contributes seasoned advice from leaders who have been in the trenches, equipped with data-driven perspectives, and a path to a robust set of value-added solutions from our team and strategic advisors.

Backed by an extensive network of leading strategic investors and industry experts, we target and add value to businesses disrupting and improving the eCommerce value chain, from consumer-facing brands and applications to back-end technology and services. 

We will walk with you to success, through the eGateway.


We are a unique set of talents with a unique perspective. We have backgrounds spanning tech, startups, strategy, consulting, retail, CPG, and private equity, to name a few.

eGateway is national in scope but strategically based in the re-emerging markets of the Midwest—the branding & eCommerce growth and fulfillment capital of the country. We share a city with the global headquarters of both P&G and Kroger, and our central office is little more than a runway removed from the Midwest Amazon Prime Air Hub at CVG — the largest of its kind in the world.

Our focus, our location, and our experienced team all serve to give eGateway a unique vantage point among M&A and capital advisors.

Experienced Team Including Former:

  • eCommerce executives and entrepreneurs
  • Global venture & private equity investors
  • Wall Street investment bankers
  • Military veterans


M&A can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. Planning to sell or to buy is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. We help you navigate this major financial and organizational milestone with confidence.

We leverage our years of transactional and operational experience to guide you through the entire process. As advisors, we go to the mat for you. We dig deep to understand your business and we partner with you to identify the right strategies to achieve the best possible outcome. We want to maximize your value. Having completed the process from every side of the table, we know what’s coming and how to prepare. You can expect us to help guide you through, leveraging the eGateway edge all the way:

Operating experience + Deep network + Pure focus on eCommerce + Top priority on service and relationships


Combined Team Member Experience


20+ Years
100+ Transactions
$3 billion+ Deal Value

M&A Advisory

eGateway Capital Advisory is a full-service M&A advisor active in both sell-side and buy-side transactions. Our team has 20+ years of M&A experience and has worked with clients at every stage of the process including planning, buyer outreach, structure, valuation, due diligence, and closing.

Buy-Side M&A
Sell-Side M&A
Exit Planning


We understand the value of a well-designed corporate strategy. We leverage our extensive experience and strategy tools to focus business leaders on the right opportunities while minimizing risk.

Strategic Planning
Capital Raising
Value Creation Study




We are growth equity investors who are focused on adding value in the eCommerce ecosystem. We provide our portfolio companies and management teams with value-added support designed to drive growth. 

eCommerce is disrupting the entire value chain of how goods are made, controlled, marketed, sold and delivered. Only through investment in tech and data-driven platforms will brands be able to navigate successfully and meet consumer demands. eGateway provides strategic solutions including partnership, expertise, and capital to the founders and companies leading the charge.  

We create opportunities for Limited Partner investors to gain exposure to critical post-COVID secular trends driven by dynamic new uses of data in marketing and sales and in the delivery of eCommerce goods and services.


Pure-Play eCommerce

We are laser focused on the eCommerce ecosystem. That is where we carefully and deliberately focus our portfolio.

Our focus is based on data, and we use our experience with metrics as an advantage in our approach to investing and adding value.

Differentiated Networks

We provide portfolio companies with differentiated networks and resources that leverage our collective experience across the gamut.

Owners/Operators of eCommerce Brands

We have been brand owners and operators over decades. We have learned through many experiences with brands where value is created, and protected.

Our perspectives are experience-based and our networks further reflect our experiences.



Growth with eGateway starts with a conversation. Reach out to us.