Having formed in early 2021, we’ve been operating for the last few months in “stealth” mode. Our core team knew we needed to lay the groundwork for a successful launch. eGateway has been developing and assembling a world-class team of operators, investors, and strategic advisors focused exclusively on the digital future of eCommerce. We’ve been moving fast with a focus on executing our vision to become a best-in-class investment and advisory firm.

Now, it’s exciting to officially launch our platform.

Seven Months’ Strong

Behind the scenes, we have already developed working relationships with dozens of investors, CEOs, and founders. One huge success we can share at this stage is that eGateway has closed our first three deals as part of our eGateway Fund I. We are thrilled to have closed Fund I with three great companies added to our portfolio.

All the elements are coming together to be successful as a firm and to help our partners scale. We now have in place a:

  • Cohesive and experienced team of operators and investors.
  • World-class team of strategic advisors and founding shareholders.
  • Closed Fund I, including ~$20 million in capital and three strongly performing portfolio companies that bring our investment thesis to life.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions team actively advising clients on sell-side and buy-side transactions thanks to an established network and strong roster of clients.

We’re positioned for success because we have been focused on our people and processes to add value to our partners as we ramp up. Our main goal will always be to provide our operating expertise to entrepreneurs in targeted ways to help them scale.

Prime Time to Get Visible

The work we’ve done in preparation has primed the pump. Now, we’re excited to drive awareness and energy around what we’re doing—in eCommerce and in the re-emerging markets of the Midwest. We believe the consumer has changed forever. COVID-19 has accelerated a consumer habit of shopping online with more regularity, and our firm strategy positions eGateway squarely in the center of that trend.

The eGateway Edge

We are more than capital. Our difference is our thematic focus on the digital future of eCommerce and our operating expertise. We provide strategic advising to our portfolio companies and put our operating experience to work to add value and help them succeed. In all that we do, we’re investing in the teams and technologies creating the future of eCommerce.

More Growth in Store

Our goal for the next year is to continue doing the work we’re doing. We want to keep partnering strategically and providing operating expertise to help our partners scale to maturity. We want to continue to be more impactful for our portfolio companies and continue to serve more investors and business owners.

It has been an amazing ride so far, and we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.