Flowspace is one of three portfolio investments that make up our Growth Capital Fund I.

What is Flowspace?

Flowspace is a logistics technology platform transforming the eCommerce supply chain, giving any brand or retailer the ability to store, fulfill, and ship their products via a network of warehouses across the U.S. It serves 250+ merchants’ relationships across 130 warehouse locations.

This software is a unified brain that helps users gain visibility and useful insights into their fulfillment network to operate seamlessly across multiple warehouse locations. We like how the founder puts it:

“Over the last year, there have been hundreds of thousands of businesses that have started to sell products online. And ultimately, getting that product to the customer starts with fulfillment and warehousing.”

—Ben Eachus, CEO

With Shopify and numerous other platforms, it’s never been easier to start an online store, but getting product to the end customer is more challenging. Flowspace has set out to democratize logistics and help countless businesses find a way to satisfy the heightened expectations of their customers.

How we’re aligned.

Flowspace is an outstanding example of an asset-lite, super-high-growth expression of efficiency and service using our two favorite areas of leverage: technology and teams. One of the things we look for in our portfolio companies is shared values and shared vision. This is a key aspect of the eGateway community and we see that aspect proving true with our Flowspace partnership.

What we saw. And liked.

Flowspace is revolutionizing ‘How Things Are Distributed’ through a seamless, integrated, and connected service. With vast macro tailwinds as eCommerce continues to boom, we see Flowspace well positioned for incredible growth.

Who we knew. And liked.

eGC Partner Mike Veith had a connection with Flowspace software engineer, CTO, and co-founder Jason Harbert. After connecting with Jason and getting to know Ben (Eachus), we were able to walk the journey with this booming (and hiring!) LA-based company.

“We were eager to bring on a strategic investment partner like eGateway with focused expertise. They have scaled fast-growing tech companies and have run eCommerce brands—two areas that are helpful to take our business to the next level.”
—Ben Eachus, CEO

Where do we see Flowspace flowing?

As the industry continues to advance, no company is better positioned than Flowspace for long-term category leadership. There is a massive spike in eCommerce volumes due to the pandemic, and that is accelerating the adoption of plug-and-play warehousing and fulfillment services by retailers and eComm companies. As logistics players continue to seek more visibility and digital stores continue to expand, Flowspace is well positioned for growth and success by providing a sticky solution.

We’re glad to be partnered with a talented team focused on building out the fulfillment platform of the future.

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